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Scale facilitation experts

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the advancement of humankind through scale facilitation.  

Only through trust, built on transparent business practices, can the innovation continuum thrive.

We are committed to removing barriers to commercialization and facilitating innovators with the right strategic partners who will adopt, and truly scale their innovations.

Our Strategic Arms

SaniteX Green's focus is on tangible product innovation. 

We partner with the world's leading innovators and scientific research organizations in both government and private sector, to develop or prepare for scaling greenfield ideas into physical products.

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SaniteX I.Q.'s focus is on intangible product innovation.

We partner with some of the worlds leading technology partners and bring ideas to life. We invest our financial and intellectual capital to develop services that solve society's most pressing problems.

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SaniteX SCT's focus is on insertion points and scaling innovations.

Our team of business, regulatory, military and technical experts, across multiple industries and global supply chains, find strategic partners and insertion points for our innovations partners to scale.

Select Portfolio Innovations

Suite of tech, product and service solutions

The world has changed. There is a new normal for how we work and interact with each other. is at the forefront of ensuring your organization’s most important assets – your people and customers – feel safe re-entering physical locations. is a patented suite of innovative technology solutions developed by global experts across a range of specialty fields including neural networks, regulation, health, financial and location strategy.


Our solutions have many applications and appeal to not just the organizations using them, but to government economic planners, workers compensation firms and other public health officials mandated to re-open and keep open the world.


Vital Monitoring System 

Vital Monitoring System (VMS) uses clinically proven methodologies to screen for respiratory infections combined with remote monitoring and algorithmic machine learning to solve real problems today, while preparing for future influenza seasons or the next pandemic.

The future of respiratory health screening and condition management is accurate early intervention. The VMS platform is an AI/ML engine with a core algorithm developed, tested, and proven through evidence-based medical research studies to manage infectious diseases

Developed in a collaboration between a world leading medical institution and a world leading artificial intelligence institute.


2D Floor Plan Analyzer

Through the power of AI and neural networks, our patent-pending 2D Floorplan Analyzer scans floor plans to understand an organization's environment and then recommend solutions to problems and insights unknown to users based on the features it identifies. 

To understand customer needs, we need to understand their environments. If this step is missed, purchasing decisions are made on sub-optimal data.  The solution automatically extracts semantic and geometric information which is used along with other business and people-driven information to calculate required procurement or other strategic insights.


Smart Analytical Model 

Led by a team of regulatory experts and developed alongside Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2), our Smart Analytical Model (SAM) recommends a complete list of required safety and related products and the optimal volume each user needs to re-open physical locations safely.


In under 30 seconds, our deep learning technology instantly navigates the thousands of pages of complex federal and state regulations to know exactly what products are required to re-open and stay open safely. 

While SAM is designed for the globe, for those U.S. entities eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursement, SAM was built with FEMA regulations in mind, so it improves the success of reimbursement claims.



Our foot traffic analyzer is an 5-10x more accurate indoor/outdoor location-based platform that tracks occupancy, utilization, and/or movement in a building or venue using existing Wi-Fi architecture, UWB and proprietary sensors.

The technology and its reporting assist with economic decision making during restricted capacity scenarios or to track whether users are following appropriate social distancing and health protocols.

Our real estate industry and architect clients utilize Foot Steps for optimal building layouts to meet their desired goals, especially during a disrupted global commercial real estate market.

Health & safety products


SaniteX is the original application of our scale facilitation strategy and established the values which now underpin SaniteX-Global.

Our team turned around a micro-size company, implemented our novel strategy, and within 12 months became one the most respected health product suppliers, expanding to 3 continents across government, agencies, law enforcement, education and private sector industries.

During the darkest times of the pandemic we provided health and  safety products, compliant with evolving regulatory standards, while protecting those in the community who needed our support.

Do you have a revenue stage innovation that is ready to scale?